Group Training

Group Circuit training is superb for general fitness and caters for a wide variety of fitness levels.

Our ever-changing, high-energy circuit training classes – with elements of kettlebell training, resistant band training and kick-boxing – in addition to press-ups, crunches, sit-ups etc provide a fantastic whole-body workout that you just can’t beat!

Whether you’re looking to improve your general fitness or work on specific areas for enhanced sporting performance, circuit training offers a wide range of benefits:

  • Greater overall fitness
  • Increased strength, endurance and muscle tone
  • Enhances body composition – more muscle, less fat
  • Burns calories (450-550)
  • Combined cardio and strength-training provides highly effective and time efficient training
  • Exercise variety stimulates mind and body  – meaning more enjoyable and more effective training.

So if you’re looking for an efficient form of fitness training that helps develop strength, endurance, flexibility and co-ordination – is fun to do in a group and saves time when compared to other forms of exercise – come and join one of the group circuit training classes at Fabsfitnessuk