Post Natal Training

Do I need to exercise in the first few weeks?

Yes. It’s fine for you to take some exercise, as long as it’s gentle, in the first few weeks after having your baby. Gentle lower belly exercises and pelvic floor exercises are all it takes to help your body to recover at this stage.

Although exercise may feel like the last thing you want to do while adjusting to life as a mum, it does have benefits. It can:

Boost your mood by increasing the levels of feel-good chemicals (endorphins) in your brain.

Help you to lose weight and regain your pre-baby figure, if you eat sensibly.

Protect you from aches and pains.

Give you more energy, if you are feeling tired.

Improve your strength and stamina, which will make looking after your newborn easier.

One to One training is available for those who are looking for an individual approach to their exercise needs and goals. You can train at a time and location that suits you best, whether it is in the park, at your office or in the comfort of your own home, fitting in with your lifestyle. We can provide training, soon after the birth of your baby or at any stage in life!