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Gemma Louise Edwards (Classical singer)

Fabian is a great personal trainer, encouraging,patient but he still pushes you to your limits. As a classical singer it’s important for me to have a strong core and an even stronger lower back. One of the main muscles I use for singing are my lower back muscles as this is important for breath control whilst singing. Since training with Fabian I have noticed a vast improvement in my lower back strength enabling me to be able to support my self more effectively whilst singing. Training with Fabian is never easy but always fun. It s a test of your endurance and is not for the light hearted. I have noticed a great improvement all round, as an asthma sufferer my cardio has improved, my strength has increased and I feel much fitter in general.
I would highly recommend Fabian as a personal trainer. If you are not shy of hard work and want results then he is definitely the person to train with.

Jemel Henry

My names Jemel Henry I’m a former West Ham player. When in pre season for West Ham I would train with Fabian to help keep my fitness and regain my speed for the start of the season.
I started training with Fabian aged 10 just before I was scouted by West Ham.
Every season I came back to pre season in great shape even through the season I would work with Fabian to keep me sharp before major tournaments, like when I got my first caps for England aged 15 vs Northern Ireland in the Ballemena intl cup.
I played most of my career in the West Ham reserves, I Was 1 of the 3 elite youth team players to play in the reserves for so long and also train day in day out with the first team, during this period I was always training with Fabian getting faster stronger and also getting explosive power with his vast amount of knowledge and skills I don’t think I would have improved as much as I did without his help.

Nuil Hatcher

The first thing that strikes you when you meet Fabian is his smile. The smile engages you. The engagement broadens and deepens the longer the relationship. I started training with Fabian about a year ago and was already
relatively fit. I wanted someone who would cause me to challenge myself – whilst enjoying myself. I have succeeded in this.
His approach is gentle, supportive, appropriate and fun. He tailors each session to the time of day (generally very early for me) and the way you feel and the rate at which you are progressing. He never pushes. He never asks “What do you want to do next?” nor says “This is what I think you should do next?”. You just find that you have jumped more or higher, run faster or better, lifted more or more frequently. That you have become stronger/fitter. Because each successive week he builds on last week’s prowess.

Sarah Rooney 34

At 34 I am now fitter and healthier than I have ever been. I really have one person to thank for that – Fabian Collymore at FabsFitnessuk. Fabian tailors my work-outs to keep them effective and fun while still pushing me to improve and do things I never though I could do. I’ve watched my body transform and the results only spur me on to do more.
I’ve had personal trainers before but never stuck with it until I met Fabian. He is the real deal and I’m happy he is here on my weight loss journey, holding my hand and giving me the kick in the butt I need when I need it. If it wasn’t for Fabian’s constant motivation and support I’d likely have given up a long time ago and went back to my old bad habits so to be frank I credit him with saving my life – both in term of quality and longevity.

Karimah 30

I wanted a personal trainer to improve my fitness levels and to lose the baby fat that I have been struggling to shift.
Fabian is ideal for me! He adapts to accommodate my mood, motivates me to do more and before I know it the session is over, I’m in a heap but feel good for it.
Just like myself, Fabian likes to see progress and I enjoy the fun methods he uses to monitor it. Not only do I look and feel better but also he has me eating better.
I would recommend Fabian as a personal trainer to anybody at any level.

Sarah Rooney. Before and after.
Danielle Dickson. Before and after.
Mikey Van Deventer, Before and after.
Danielle Marks. Before and after.